What is MAMA?

MAMA stands for PERSATUAN MAJIKAN AMAH MALAYSIA. It is an NGO - an association of the Malaysian employers of domestic helpers or maids.

When was MAMA founded and how many have joined MAMA as members to date?

MAMA was officially registered on 15 March 2011. To date, MAMA has about 100 members with many more planning to join with the view of obtaining maids via the organization.

What are MAMA’s vision, mission and objectives?

MAMA was set up to protect the interests of maid employers in Malaysia and also help solve the problem of maids in general. Our vision is one of peace and tranquility in the home and productivity in work places. These being our objectives, MAMA seek to work alongside any party with similar aim and assist relevant ministries towards a comprehensive and lasting solution.

What are the benefits of joining MAMA?

The first and most obvious one is being in the position to contribute to problem solving in matters of national interest. Second, is the protection of one’s interests as an employer - better assurance of quality maid and fair compensations for any deficiency including maid run-away cases. Thirdly, we strive to minimize cost of procuring a maid for our members mainly through minimization of local agency fee. Last but not least, the employer stands a better chance of achieving “peace & tranquility both at home and at workplace”.

What sorts of membership are there and how much is the fee for joining MAMA?

The Annual Fee is only RM50 for regular membership (one-time RM500 for life membership), and the one-time Registration Fee is RM20.


What is the cost structure that will be incurred by the employer?

MAMA has come up with cost structure based mainly on the MOU figures. Click to view